Night Plans to Make in Bogotá

The Colombian capital has much to offer its visitors, culture, art, gastronomy, history and sport are just some of the themes that can be enjoyed in the city. In addition to the countless plans that can be made during the day, the night is another of the faces that Bogotá has and that you should know.

These are our recommended plans to make in the Bogotá Nocturna:

View of the city from the Colpatria Tower

Admiring the beauty of the Colombian capital from one of its highest points is very easy. The Colpatria Tower has been consolidated for years as an icon of the city, not only for its imposing construction that marks the capital reference point of own and foreigners, but
also for all the events that take place around him such as the celebration of the Night of the Velitas and the Carrera de Ascenso, pioneer in Latin America.

On Fridays and weekends the Mirador de la Torre Colpatria opens to the public where you can appreciate the panoramic view of Bogotá, with a 360 degree view.

Mirador de La Calera:

It is located 4km northeast of the city and is considered as one of the best viewpoints to appreciate the view of the whole city from the mountain, there meet people of all ages to admire the beauty of Bogota and to enjoy various plans such as taking a bu in a glass of wine or a canelazo, delight in the local gastronomy, go in with friends or just be surprised by the wonderful view next to your partner.
Restaurants such as Tramonti, El Tambor or Casa Brava are just a few of the places you can enjoy in this area.

Zone “G”:

If for you the best plan for any occasion is to go to eat, this area of the city is the best suitable to make it. Zone G is located in an exclusive sector north of the city, between Carreras 2 and ninth and streets 64 to 72; although the origin of its name has many versions, the most accepted is that all the restaurants located there have an excellent Gourmet style.

This area is one of the most visited by tourists and locals who want to delight their palates with the excellent menus that their restaurants provide, cuisines such as Spanish, American, French, Italian and Peruvian, are just some of the ones you can find There.

Bike rides:

In addition to the cycle path on Sundays and holidays, every Wednesday, the bogotanas streets are filled with bike lovers who gather to share a good time while exercising and enjoy the beauty of the city at night. The event, which emerged as an initiative that tries to promote the use of bicycle as a means of transport on any occasion, became a plan every Wednesday that anyone can attend. The starting point can be anywhere in the city, the important thing here is to want to promote the use of the bicycle as an excellent alternative transport, in addition to doing physical activity and meeting more people.

Chiva Rumbera Walk:

The chiva “rumbera” is a typical vehicle of Colombia, similar to a bus, which with its colors and music at full volume, looks like a walking disco. In this peculiar transport you can tour different areas of the city, with good music, friends, drinks and an excellent attitude. This “bus” is the perfect setting for various celebrations such as birthdays, bachelor parties, 15 years, business parties and more.

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