The 7 Best tourist spots in Colombia

Each year, Colombia welcomes more than 3 million foreign visitors who travel through the different regions of the country; from the jungles of the Pacific, the Coffee Landscape, the Amazon Rainforest or the mystical Tayrona. The natural beauty of Colombia captivates everyone who knows it, you also fall in love with this majestic country. Book your flights to Colombia now and discover the best tourist spots in Colombia:

1. Bogotá

A great city with history and to which you have to go from end to end to know its neighborhoods, the famous center known as La Candelaria, enter its museums and of course, be amazed by its natural richness. To begin with, visit the Museo del Oro, where you’ll find more than 55,000 pieces of gold in an exhibition that tells the story of the pre-Hispanic peoples of Colombia. Another must-see in Bogotá is the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center, which for its beauty has become an icon of Colombian architecture. When you leave, have a nice cup of coffee and walk to the Plaza de Bolívar, where you can rest and then move to Cerro de Monserrate, which offers a unique view of the big city. If you like nightlife, visit Cali, a city known for its intense nightlife and for being the capital of the rumba, a place where partying and dancing take to the streets to give tourists days and nights full of flavor.


2. Medellín

The capital of the Colombian department of Antioquia is famous for its pleasant climate, which is around 24 degrees Celsius – it is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and offers a warm experience to its visitors. Medellin is the second largest city in all colombia and enjoys an intense cultural and nightlife, becoming a good option to party. Every year, the Flower Fair is held, a unique event of its kind thanks to the vast variety of species on display. If you are a nature lover, in addition to visiting the fair, you should take a walk through the Botanical Garden and the Butterfly. Hop on the metrocable and check out Medellin from the air, you’ll love it.  As if that weren’t enough, Medellin can be your base destination to visit other beauties of Colombia, such as Guatape, which is only a couple of hours away.


3. Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias is a must-see destination within Colombia’s great tourist offering. Known worldwide for the great wall built by the Spaniards more than 4 centuries ago, this beautiful city offers unforgettable days and nights to its visitors. To begin with, it is necessary to walk through the cobblestone streets of its historic center and look at the landscape that has been portrayed in the literature of Gabriel García Márquez. This imposing colonial city has been declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, both for its beauty and for its historical and architectural value. Explore its churches, museums and lively restaurants, in search of your favorite corner.

4. Leyva Village

This picturesque colonial village falls in love with the eye and heart of the tourist with its streets painted white. About three hours from Bogota, in Villa de Leyva you will find many activities and having a good time is easy, whether you are passionate about history and archaeology or if you like theme parkes and guided activities.

Take advantage of the visit to taste the delicious Colombian cuisine and delight your palate with an ajiaco – a typical soup of Bogota – or the popular fritanga –prepared with beef, chicken, chorizo, potatoes and male banana.

5. Isla Gorgona

Isla Gorgona is another of the natural paradises of Colombia that you should know, especially if you are a lover of water sports. On this small island you will be able to admire coral reefs, multiple species of snails, starfish, octopuses, crabs and whales; enlist your dive gear and venture into the clear waters of the Colombian Pacific. Walk through the humid jungle and find in your path cracks of water that are born in the heart of the earth and flow into the sea. To get to Isla Gorgona you must take a boat, you can depart from the Municipality of Guapi or from the Municipality of Buenaventura.

6. Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park is a favorite stop for those who enjoy ecological tourism. This impressive nature reserve is located 34 km from Santa Marta and with its 12 thousand hectares is home to more than 59 species of mammals and 40 species of bats. In this place you will be surprised by the beautiful union between the jungle and the sea, with its white sands, mangroves and forests. Practice diving, snorkeling, bird watching and camping if you wish. La Bahía Concha offers accommodation in rustic cabins and Neguanje and Canaveral a safe camping area in the middle of the majestic nature. If adventure is your thing, Tayrona will surprise you.

7. St Andrew’s Archipelago

Although the charm of San Andrés focuses on its spectacular sea painted in 7 colors, the truth is that everything on this island moves at a special pace, reggae. A multicultural place thanks to the influences of Spaniards, English, Dutch and Africans, which is full of life and attracts to its beaches those who seek adventure in the sea, because it is the ideal place to perform ecotourism and practice water sports and diving.

In addition to all these tourist sites in Colombia, you can’t stop making your trip to Ciudad Perdida, a treasure hidden among the jungle that will steal your breath!

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