The five places in the world where they most visited Medellin in Feria de las Flores

Feria de las Flores

The Antioquenos, which we presume to be good hosts, received during the Feria de las Flores about 25 thousand foreign visitors who visited Medellin for the festivities.

Of that total of foreign tourists, according to the System of Tourist Indicators of Medellin and Antioquia (Situr), about 44% were foreigners and the remaining 56% were Colombians residing abroad and who found in the Fair the best excuse for return for a few days.

This number of visits from abroad, which had an increase of 22% over the same period of 2017, represented an important gain for the city in sectors such as hotels, transport and gastronomic services.

However, as far as the countries of origin of the tourists are concerned, the United States took the first place by far: half of the foreigners and nationals who walked Medellin during the Fair, and were delighted with its landscapes and traditions. of popular culture, they came from the country of North America.

According to the official data, the top 5 of foreign visitors to Medellin between the first days of August completed it in their order Panama (18%), Mexico (15%), Peru (8%) and Argentina (5%).

And online reservations?

Although no European country managed to sneak into the top 5 countries with more visits to Medellin during the twelve days of Feria de Flores, there was an interesting fact that is worth noting and is that reservations made through Booking Yes there was hegemony of the Old Continent: France, United States, Spain and Holland, besides the Colombians of other cities of the country, led this ruble and marked a trend.

The last weekend of Feria, Medellín reached a hotel occupancy of up to 96% in some areas of the city. According to official calculations, each foreign tourist spent an average of 180 dollars a day, that is, the not insignificant figure of 525 thousand Colombian pesos.

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