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Colombia Gastronomy

Typical and popular dishes of Colombia

Those who live or visit Colombia, not only enjoy the variety of cultural and sporting events and the innumerable tourist sites and destinations that this beautiful country has, if not, you can enjoy the most varied and delicious typical dishes of the region. gastronomy of our country.

Colombian cuisine can be defined as a combination or fusion of other cultures such as the Spanish and the African mainly, complemented by the most representative typical dishes of each region that impose a magical touch of flavor and flavor unequaled.

Typical dishes such as paisa tray, sancocho, mote of costeño cheese, arepa, mute santandereano, ajiaco santafereño, carne a la llanera, tamales, the tolimense lechona among many other typical colombian dishes that will delight your palate and only then you can know what does Colombia know?

  • Bandeja Paisa

The paisa tray is the most representative dish of the Antioquia cuisine, very popular in all the municipalities of Antioquia, the Eje Cafetero (Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda) and part of the north of the Cauca Valley and the north of Tolima in Colombia.

  •  Arepa de Huevo

The egg arepa (colloquially called arepa-e egg) is a typical food of the Colombian Atlantic Coast. basically it is a kind of arepa made with corn and stuffed with an egg, some are prepared in addition to the egg with marinated ground beef.

  • Ajiaco Santafereño

According to the story the ajiaco in Colombia is a food originating in the Chibcha tribe, which consisted of a kind of mazamorra corn and potatoes to which they added chili. Once the Spaniards arrived in Colombian territory, they added chicken and cream to make it richer. Although many years have passed until today, these are the bases of the ajiaco that is currently prepared with some variations and more ingredients.