Colombian Women


There is nothing more difficult than describing Colombian women, largely because of the wide cultural diversity that exists in Colombia. According to her place of birth and formation, Colombian women will have certain characteristics of behavior, reason and reaction.

This text does not intend to make a deep analysis of the Colombian woman, but on the contrary, a small description that to my way of seeing, are the most representative features. I hope not to hurt the susceptibility of any of them, in which case I am sure they will make me notice.

The Colombian woman is without doubt one of the most joyful and magical beings in the world; they intern a countless number of virtues and values ​​that make them special. In general, Colombian women are very attractive physically, but their main beauty lies in their values, which makes them absolutely beautiful.

The Colombian woman is affectionate, tender, effusive, happy and loving; kind, sentimental and vain by nature, as well as, honest, generous, industrious and conciliatory by conviction.

The Colombian woman is an entrepreneur, hardworking and dynamic, with a high sense of responsibility and very persistent. Intelligent and studious, they are very dedicated in their work, without neglecting their home and family. A little stubborn and proud, with a very developed suspicion, as well as a strong and temperamental character when they get angry.

In short, the Colombian woman is an inexhaustible source of hope and joy, with a notorious devotion for family and home. Romantic and passionate, they manage to maintain an emotional balance even in the most difficult situations. Pujante, enterprising and workers, usually conquer their objectives even in the most adverse environments, which makes them highly effective.

I do not pretend to say that Colombian women are perfect (but almost), each of them has specific virtues and defects. The Colombians are exotic, with a very particular and mysterious beauty. Fortunately for me (and all heterosexual men), women are not to understand them but to love them.

There is one aspect that I have not mentioned yet and it corresponds to fidelity. This aspect is very particular and depends exclusively on each person; In general terms, we could assure that Colombian women are faithful and loyal, but this aspect is very complex and depends on many factors, so it would not guarantee that all of them are.

In our history, women have played a very important role in the construction of the nation and society. Your contribution has been, is and will be fundamental. Of course Colombian society (like that of the whole world) has been of a macho nature; However, these tendencies have been disappearing, and women are quickly assuming a primordial role in society.

Fortunately for the Colombian people, every day there are more women who hold important and transcendental positions in the destiny of the nation, from ministries to the management of companies, passing through a cluster of professions and arts.

Without any doubt, one could assure that one of the greatest bastions that Colombia has is its Women.